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The Ultimate Guide to Australia's Best Camping Apps

July 01, 2023 5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Australia's Best Camping Apps


Australia is truly a camper's paradise. Picture this: you're tucked away in a lush, secluded forest, the stars twinkling above, a warm fire crackling beside you. The thrill of adventure thrives in the great outdoors, but navigating the wilderness can be a challenge. That's where camping apps come in, a traveler's best friend, offering indispensable guidance at your fingertips. This article provides an in-depth guide to the most intuitive, comprehensive, and reliable camping apps for exploring the vast, enchanting expanses of Australia.

best camping app australia

Exploring the Majesty of Australia with Campermate

Campermate is an all-in-one app designed to meet your outdoor needs, the trusted companion every camper wishes for. From locating campsites to pointing out nearby amenities, it has got you covered. Here's why we swear by Campermate:

Campermate Features

1. Campsite Locator: One of the main highlights of Campermate is its ability to locate campsites across Australia. Whether you're searching for free campsites or caravan parks, this app can direct you to your preferred spot.

2. Amenities on Hand: In addition to campsites, Campermate highlights nearby amenities such as public toilets, potable water sources, dump stations, and barbecue spots, ensuring that you always have access to essential services.

3. User Reviews: The app is brimming with reviews from fellow campers, offering valuable, first-hand insights that can help shape your camping experience.

4. Map Features: A striking feature of Campermate is its offline maps. With these, you can navigate through the wilderness without worrying about losing signal. It also offers trail maps for those interested in hiking.

best camping app australia

The Charm of the Outback with WikiCamps Australia

An indispensable app in a camper's toolkit, WikiCamps Australia is a versatile platform with a multitude of resources designed for the avid adventurer.

WikiCamps Australia Features

1. User-Generated Content: WikiCamps Australia boasts a user-generated database, providing first-hand accounts of campsites, caravan parks, day stops, points of interest, and more. This data gives a more personal touch to the camping experience.

2. Comprehensive Filter Options: One of the standout features of WikiCamps Australia is its exhaustive filtering options. You can customize your search based on factors like cost, facilities available, pet friendliness, and proximity to your current location.

3. Interactive Forum: The app also houses an active forum where campers can share experiences, ask questions, and discuss topics related to camping.

best camping app australia

best camping app australia

Navigating Nature with ParkFinder

ParkFinder is another brilliant camping app that proves to be a game-changer for adventurers. Its primary focus is on directing users to the best national and marine parks across Australia.

ParkFinder Features

1. Embrace Serenity: With ParkFinder, you have the opportunity to discover and immerse yourself in Australia's picturesque national parks. The stunning landscapes and breathtaking beauty of nature await you.

2. Marine Marvels: For those looking to venture beyond land, the app also guides you to magnificent marine parks, where you can delve into an undersea adventure of a lifetime.

3. Tailored Choices: You can tailor your search based on various criteria such as activities, facilities, and accessibility. Whether you fancy hiking, bird watching, or a quiet picnic, ParkFinder helps you find the perfect spot.

best camping app australia

A Taste of Australia's Night Sky with Sky Map

For those enchanting nights under the open sky, Sky Map transforms your device into a portable planetarium. This app unlocks a whole new level of stargazing, adding a touch of magic to your camping trips.

Sky Map Features

1. Starry Night: Sky Map allows you to identify stars, planets, and constellations, turning every night into an educational experience filled with wonder and awe.

2. Augmented Reality: By using your device's camera, Sky Map overlays constellations and celestial bodies on your screen. Just point your phone to the sky, and get ready for a mesmerising experience.

3. Time Travel: With its time travel feature, you can explore the sky as it was or will be at specific dates and times. It's like having a time machine in your pocket.

best camping app australia

best camping app australia

Emergencies Handled with Emergency+

We hope you never need it, but being prepared for emergencies is a crucial part of camping. Emergency+ is a lifesaving app, offering assistance when you need it most.

Emergency+ Features

1. Essential Services: The app provides quick access to emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance. It also provides contact details for non-emergency services like the Poison Information Centre and the National Relay Service.

2. GPS Coordinates: In case of an emergency, the app displays your exact GPS coordinates. This feature allows you to inform emergency services about your precise location, enabling them to reach you faster.

best camping app australia

Capturing Moments with Snapseed

As the sun paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, or the stars sprinkle their glittering charm, every camper wishes to capture these magical moments. Snapseed, a comprehensive photo editing app, can help enhance your memories.

Snapseed Features

1. Professional Editing: Snapseed transforms your mobile device into a professional editing studio. From fine-tuning exposure to adjusting white balance, Snapseed covers all your photo editing needs.

2. Spectacular Filters: Breathe life into your camping photos with Snapseed’s extensive range of filters. From the nostalgic feel of vintage filters to the striking effect of the drama filter, the possibilities are endless.

3. Selective Adjustments: With its unique selective adjustment feature, you can target and edit specific areas of your image, drawing focus to the most captivating elements.

best camping app australia

Australia's Mystical Flora and Fauna with PictureThis

To the untrained eye, Australia's wilderness can be a cryptic tapestry of flora and fauna. PictureThis, an advanced plant and animal identification app, decodes nature’s language for you.

PictureThis Features

1. Instant Identification: Simply snap a picture, and PictureThis will identify the species for you. It’s like having a pocket-sized naturalist guide with you at all times.

2. In-depth Information: The app doesn't stop at identification. It also provides comprehensive details about each species, deepening your understanding and appreciation of Australia’s unique biodiversity.

best camping app australia

best camping app australia

Weather Forecast at Your Fingertips with BOM Weather

Whether you're planning a hiking trip or deciding the best time for star-gazing, having reliable weather information is crucial. BOM Weather, Australia's official weather app, equips you with accurate, timely forecasts.

BOM Weather Features

1. Detailed Forecasts: BOM Weather offers detailed, location-based weather forecasts. With information on temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and more, you can plan your outdoor activities confidently.

2. Weather Warnings: Stay updated about severe weather conditions, fire dangers, and flood warnings. BOM Weather prioritises your safety, ensuring you're always prepared.

best camping app australia


In the wilderness of Australia, every journey unravels a story. Every campfire tale, every constellation traced across the night sky, every echo of wildlife, all capture the essence of the great Australian Outback. And with these incredible camping apps, you can paint your own adventure on this vast canvas. From navigating campgrounds to capturing sunsets, from identifying a strange bird to forecasting the weather, these apps equip you to embrace the wilderness with open arms. So, fellow adventurers, gear up and let's conquer the great outdoors together. Australia’s wild beauty beckons!

best camping app australia

best camping app australia


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