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10 Iconic Australian Dishes for Your Next Camping Adventure

June 29, 2023 4 min read

10 Iconic Australian Dishes for Your Next Camping Adventure


Every so often, we find the call of the great outdoors irresistible. What better way to answer it than with a delicious foray into authentic Australian cuisine, ideally suited for your next camping escapade? Below, we reveal the top 10 Australian meals perfect for camping, offering a gastronomic tour that marries the spirit of adventure with the country's unique culinary tradition.

camping food ideas australia

The Allure of Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking isn't simply a necessity when camping, but rather a cherished ritual. It's the heart and hearth of the campsite, a place for warmth, camaraderie, and gastronomic delight. As the fire crackles and the aroma of your meal wafts through the cool, crisp air, a sense of profound connection with the environment and those around you begins to blossom. There's an inherent magic in cooking under the open sky, encircled by the wilderness, with the Southern Cross constellation as your canopy.

camping food ideas australia

camping food ideas australia

1. Damper - The Quintessential Bush Bread

The humble damper, an Australian bush bread traditionally baked in the ashes of a campfire, has been a staple of outdoor life for centuries. It's simple, requiring only basic ingredients — flour, water, and a pinch of salt. The beauty of damper lies in its versatility; savour it with golden syrup for a sweet treat, or pair with Aussie barbecued meats for a hearty meal.

2. Australian BBQ - A Feast for Carnivores

An Australian barbecue isn't simply a meal; it's an event, a cultural touchstone steeped in conviviality and mouth-watering fare. The tantalising aroma of sizzling sausages (or 'snags'), steaks, and burgers is synonymous with the Australian outdoor experience. Complete the feast with traditional sides like coleslaw and grilled corn for a memorable camping dinner.

3. Billy Tea - Brewing Tradition in a Can

Billy tea is not just a warm beverage, it's an emblem of the Australian bush spirit. Traditionally brewed in a billy can over a campfire, this tea soothes the soul and brings people together under the vast outback sky. To enhance the authenticity of your camping experience, try making it the traditional way.

4. Meat Pie - Comfort Food at Its Finest

The Australian meat pie, often dubbed "Australia's national dish", is comfort food par excellence. Perfect for a chilly night under the stars, these pies are filled with minced meat and gravy, encased in a flaky, buttery crust. They're delicious, filling, and easy to prepare ahead for your camping trip.

5. Grilled Barramundi - A Seafood Lover's Delight

For the pescatarians, grilled barramundi is a must-try. Known for its mild flavour and dense, moist, white flesh, this iconic Australian fish is perfect for grilling over an open flame. Season simply with lemon, salt, and pepper, or experiment with a variety of marinades for added zest.

6. Kangaroo Skewers - An Aussie Classic Reimagined

Lean, rich in flavour, and distinctly Australian, kangaroo meat is well worth adding to your camping menu. Marinate the meat in native spices, thread onto skewers, and grill over the campfire for a taste of Australia that's adventurous and satisfying.

7. Fairy Bread - Childhood Favourite with a Twist

If you're camping with children, don't forget to include fairy bread in your menu. This simple yet delightful dish — buttered bread sprinkled with colourful hundreds-and-thousands — is sure to bring smiles. For an adult upgrade, consider using artisanal bread and gourmet sprinkles, or infuse the butter with flavours like honey or cinnamon.

8. Lamingtons - A Sweet Bite of Australian Heritage

Lamingtons are truly a taste of Australian heritage. These small, square sponge cakes, cloaked in chocolate icing and dusted with desiccated coconut, are as delightful as they sound. While traditionally served in Australian bakeries and cafes, they're also easy to prepare beforehand and pack for a sweet campfire treat.

9. Vegemite Sandwich - Australia's Iconic Snack

No list of Australian food would be complete without mentioning the legendary Vegemite sandwich. A staple in every Australian household, this snack is simple, nutritious, and perfect for a quick camping lunch. Spread a thin layer of Vegemite on buttered bread, add a slice of cheese if you're feeling fancy, and voila — you have a true-blue Aussie sandwich.

10. Anzac Biscuits - A Tasty Tribute

Anzac biscuits, named in honour of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, are a sweet, chewy treat made from rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, and baking soda. They're long-lasting, easy to pack, and their historical significance provides a delicious connection to Australia's heritage.

camping food ideas australia

camping food ideas australia

Creating a Connection to the Land Down Under

The 10 dishes we've mentioned embody the Australian essence, and through them, you'll discover a vibrant, delicious facet of Australian culture. The iconic damper bread, with its rustic simplicity, bears the narrative of the hardy bushmen. The communal barbecue recounts tales of Aussie camaraderie, while the humble Vegemite sandwich speaks volumes of a nation's love for its unique, yeasty spread.

By integrating these meals into your camping experience, you're not only satiating your appetite, but you're also forming a unique bond with Australia — one that's built on taste, tradition, and the time-tested recipes of generations past.

camping food ideas australia


The joy of camping in Australia goes beyond the picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife. It's the essence of the land distilled into memorable meals, shared stories, and the enduring spirit of adventure. As you explore Australia's diverse culinary landscape from your campfire, you're not just satisfying your hunger — you're feeding your soul with unforgettable experiences.

camping food ideas australia

camping food ideas australia


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